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Tourism and Resort Video Creators

We are specialists in creating creative videos showcasing holiday destinations and resorts using the following skills:

Drone videography/photography, hyperlapse, timelapse, long exposure, underwater video and multi camera, gimbal operated DSLR cinematography

Our other passion is Martial Arts. MKP has worked with the Indonesian Embassy in the UK, Grand Masters in various martial arts from the Far East and  UK, World Champions and Hollywood film super star 'Assassin Pirate' Kang Cecep A Rahman from John Wick 3, Star Wars and Sony's Raid 2.

Licensed Drone Operators

Mo And Kay photography hold CAA's Operational Authorisation (OA)  and A2 COFC with over 6 years of drone flying experience with a £1m Worldwide Public Liability Insurance from Moonrock. The insurance amount can be raised to your needs. 

Get in touch if you would like to book us for your drone video or stills photography on 07958 471741 or Email: info@MoAndKay.com

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07958 471741 - info@MoAndKay.com


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Kit we recommendDJI FPV - Insta 360 - DJI RSC 2 Gimbal - Epidemic Music Library

HIRE US NOW: 07958 471 741 or Email info@MoAndKay.com

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