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Mo and Kay Drone Photography

Mo And Kay Photography (MKP) have over 20 years of travelling experience and have photographed over 50 beautiful destinations including Mauritius, Maldives, Bali, Kenya, Malaysia, China, Italy, Switzerland, Gambia, Thailand, Peru, Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Cuba, Mexico and Sri Lanka to name a few. Our highlights include walking with lions / cheetah, swimming with wild sharks / dolphins / giant manta rays / turtles, walking the Great Wall of China, visiting the Forbidden City, Pyramids and walking the highest sky walk / in the world in Shanghai at the height of 420 metres (Jin Mau Tower).

Get in touch if you would like to book us for your drone video or stills photography on 07958 471741 or Email: info@MoAndKay.com

*** We now have night flight permissions, please call to hire us for night flights - Mo And Kay Drone Photography *** 

Tourism and Resort Video Creators

We are specialists in creating creative videos showcasing holiday destinations and resorts using the following skills:

Drone videography/photography, hyperlapse / timelapse, long exposure, underwater video and multi camera, gimbal operated DSLR cinematography. Here is a full project we did in the amazing Maldives

Our other passion is Martial Arts. We understand both sides of the coin, through the camera and as practitioners of various disciplines. MKDP has worked with the Indonesian Embassy in the UK, Grand Masters in various martial arts from the Far East / UK, World Champions and Hollywood film super star 'Assassin / Pirate' Kang Cecep A Rahman from John Wick 3 / Star Wars / Sony's Raid 2.

CAA Permission for Commercial Operation

Mo And Kay photography are CAA authorised PfCO Drone operators with over 5 years of drone flying experience with a £1m Public Liability Insurance with Moonrock. The insurance amount can be raised to your needs. We can also do corporate work including site / roof / building inspections, estate agent portfolios and land surveys etc.

MKP hold the following qualifications - ProQual Level 3 & 4 Accreditation in the Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. We are members of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and have a PfCO license to do Commercial Work through the CAA in the UK.

Get in touch if you would like to book us for your drone video or stills photography on 07958 471741 or Email: info@MoAndKay.com


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