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DRONE HIRE WITH LICENSED PILOT: (CAA Permission for Commercial Operation PfCO)

Drone photography and videography - £call* (3 hours)

Drone photography and videography - £call* (6 hours)

Additional support staff - site dependant - £10/£15 per hour. (UK only)

*** We now have night flight permissions, please call to hire us for night flights ***

(We use the DJI Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro+ to provide 4K video and 20mp photos)

STILLS / VIDEO: (Tourism and Resort Video Creators)

Travel and Resort Photography Gold package - Creative** Videography £call (Day rate + Travel expenses****) Example of our Creative Video

Travel and Resort Photography Platinum + Creative** Videography + Drone Video/Photography. £call (Day rate + Travel expenses****)

Mo and Kay Photography,

Photography wedding package bronze - £call - Female wedding photographer available at request. (High Quality JPEG on Memory Stick - 1 photographer. Wedding albums available by request).

Videography + Photography wedding package silver - £call - Female wedding photographer available at request. (High Quality JPEG on Memory Stick - 1 Photographer / Edited Video - 1 Videographer. Wedding albums available by request).

CREATIVE EDITING: Creative video editing using Premiere CC - £call*** per hour. Demo of the Creative Package

* Additional hours will be charged at £call per hour.

** Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Long Exposure, Underwater (GoPro/Dome), Slider and Gimbal Operated 4K DSLR Videography. We also have light camera attachments for handle bars, skateboards etc and suction cups for cars. No Drone footage included in this package.

*** 6 Hours minimum, we only edit footage taken by MKDP.

**** Client agrees to pay for all travel fees, visa, transfers, boarding and any special permissions fees if required by law. Please call to discuss this further and to create bespoke packages.


Mo And Kay Photography are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) with permission for commercial operations (PfCO) and night flight. We hold a full <20KG Drone license and a £1m Public Liability Insurance with Moonrock. The insurance amount can be raised if needed.

Get in touch if you would like to book us for drone videography, stills and general photography. We have over 20 years of traveling experience with some amazing projects completed and stories to tell. We have over 60 hours of flight time and are happy to take on difficult projects.

Call us now to book your drone videography and photography on:

Call 07958 471 741 or Email info@MoAndKay.com

We cater for most events and specialise in weddings, sports, martial arts, tourism and travel. If you would like to see more examples of work, please check the links above or call us for a bespoke viewing.

MKDP hold the following qualifications: 

ProQual Level 3 & 4 Accreditation in the Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

We are proud to be one of CAA's authorised UK Drone Pilots with a <20kg Standard Permission. 


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HIRE US NOW: 07958 471 741 or Email info@MoAndKay.com

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