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Mo And Kay recommends the following kit and services to capture the best of your travels around the world. Click on the links below for great prices while supporting us:

We book our rooms abroad with:

We use Smugmug to host our photos and provide our customers secure areas to view and print their photos from. You can change the layout in minutes and upload photos from anywhere. YOU'LL GET 20% OFF WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE! : Join Smugmug now

Amazing backup drive with USB3/2 and built in Hub for your Mac Seagate External HD 6TB

The awesome Sony A7 - Full Frame 24 MP!! Buy the Sony A7 here!!

Our camera of choice : Canon 5D Mk 4

One of the best action camera’s out, now with built in Stabilizer : GoPro 6 - Buy GoPro 6

In my opinion, the best drone out there for the money and quality : DJI P4 pro - Buy Phantom 4 Pro

The best travel drone for its size and price: Mavic Air : Buy Mavic Air

We have been using these memory cards since day one : Sandisk 32GB MicroSD - Buy Sandisk Memory Card

Classic Rode's Mic Buy now

We found the default Phantom 4 box a bit limited to travel with. This bag will let you travel with your camera, drone and the little extra’s you need :  Manfrotto D1 Backpack for DJI - Buy Manfrotto Drone Bag

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