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This Terms of Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is between Mo And Kay Photography, and The “Client” (collectively the “Parties”). This Agreement sets forth the legally binding terms for the Client’s use of Mo And Kay Photography’s services. The Parties agree as follows:

1. SERVICES: Mo And Kay Photography will perform the video and photographic services (the “Services”) described by the Client at the given date, time and location (collectively referred to as the “Event”) The time and date are subject to change by Mo And Kay Photography for any reason including but not limited to: personal injury, illness or act of God.

2. EQUIPMENT: Mo And Kay Photography will provide their own video and UAV related equipment necessary to perform the Services.

3. OWNERSHIP, COPYRIGHT & SHARING: The Parties agree that all work performed for the Client shall be considered as works made for hire. The Parties acknowledge and agree that the Client will not hold any intellectual property rights in the recording of the Event including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark rights. Mo And Kay Photography has exclusive and complete ownership in the intellectual property inherent in the recording of the Event at any time after such recording. In addition the Client agrees that Mo And Kay Photography shall still maintain a exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the video and/or audio recorded for the Service, in promotion or for other marketing purposes. The Client agrees and acknowledges that Mo And Kay Photography may reasonably use the recording of the Event in their portfolio or for stock purchase. Further, Mo And Kay Photography may display the Client’s name and logo on their website as a party with whom they have worked.

4. COST: The Client agrees to the total amount stated in their Invoice.

5. PAYMENT: Client will make a one-time payment to Mo And Kay Photography for the invoiced total OR Client shall pay Mo And Kay Photography prior to any work being started as a reservation fee. This fee is not refundable and will be credited to the final amount owed.

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